SecuraDoor In Schools

There are a number of common sense things parents and teachers can do to protect our kids when they are at school and one of those things is to have a good lockdown procedure with effective door restraints.

SecuraDoor is super strong forced entry protection that can be used in schools just as easily as it can in homes. SecuraDoor can be used on any door that swings inward (into the classroom, as opposed to the hallway).

Its adjustable size makes it perfect for institutional use and adheres to all floor types. It's quick and easy to install and just as easy to remove. It also comes with an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE! 

"If your SecuraDoor ever fails to provide complete satisfaction,
it will be repaired or replace free of charge."

No device can absolutely guarantee safety but SecuraDoor is strong and designed to do the job, never needing technology, batteries or cables or recharging.

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Russell Marino, Executive Director at Hosanna Christian Academy
Baton Rouge, LA

"In a time when many schools are seeking additional ways to protect their students, especially during LOCK-DOWN scenarios, I researched online for a door brace solution.

I ultimately settled on SecureDoor as it's rated resistance strength is over 1,700 pounds whereas most devices I found to be rated around 350 pounds. Additionally, the SecureDoor design has the adjustable height feature along with a hand lever and pivotal base that provides for a more stable angle and locked position.

I ordered a brace for every classroom and assembly room. We have trained our personnel and students on their purpose and importance as we stored them immediately behind each respective door for future use.

Our students and teachers are grateful and excited to know this additional device adds to their protection and peace of mind should a danger occur."

(March 2018)