welcome to securadoor

Installing SecuraDoor

1) Assembly


Attach the footplate using the pin that is provided. You can’t do it wrong because the footplate only attaches in one direction. 

Insert the upper tube into the lower tube. 

2) Sizing


Adjust to the proper size by lifting the upper tube until the handle pin is in line with the door latch, then insert the sizing pin into the collar. If needed, slowly lift the upper tube to expose the next available pin hole.

3) Placing On The Door


Move SecuraDoor into place with the handle in the open position and place the handle yolk around the doorknob post. Once in place, push the handle down. You should feel a slight tension (compression) when doing so. You may also choose to give the footplate a gentle kick to add more tension. A slight tension is all you should have because SecuraDoor is stronger than your door’s hardware.

4) Use it!


Use SecuraDoor and be safe at home, even during the day.

And remember, since SecuraDoor is moveable. Use it on your bedroom door when you go to sleep at night or on the bathroom door when you take a shower.