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SecuraDoor Certified Resale

buy a certified resale and save

A SecuraDoor Certified Resale is an item that has been returned to stock after being inspected.  As our door bar is nearly indestructible, the only issues you may face are small surface scratches.


However, if you're okay with the possibility of a small blemish, you can buy the safety and security of SecuraDoor at a greatly reduced price.  

Typically retailing at $99, our returns are examined, tested and priced down to $69 plus tax and shipping.  They still have the 30-day money back guarantee and the unlimited lifetime guarantee.  They will still do the job!

Our resale stock is often out of stock. We average only one return out of every 100 units sold so we don't have many returns to sell.  If there is a certified resale available, you may want to grab it!

the facts

- 100% SecuraDoor

- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

- Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

- Units that have been returned to stock

- Fully tested and approved for resale

- May have a few surface scratches

- Save a lot of money!

Buy now for only $69