welcome to securadoor


welcome to securadoor

The strongest FORCED-ENTRY PROTECTION available!


The strongest FORCED-ENTRY PROTECTION available!

SecuraDoor - As safe as it gets.

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About SecuraDoor


SecuraDoor The Handle and Yolk

Our professionally design handle yolk fits comfortably in the hand and  allows for easy one-handed installation on any doorknob while protecting  your hardware’s finish.

The unique handle pivot point provides compression to hold your door securely in place.


The Collar and Adjustments

Our distinctive adjustment collar allows for easy insertion of the  adjustment pin and also provides smooth and fluid travel of the inner  tube.

SecuraDoor can adjust to any door handle height,  residential or commercial, in accordance with the International Building  Code (IBc 2009: 1008.1.9.2 Hardware height).


The Footplate and Overmold

Our exclusive footplate is designed to provide a maximum of surface contact with the floor while not seeming overly bulky. 

The  material used for the footplate over-wrap has been selected to provide  the highest level of adhesion with any type of floor surface.  It works  equally well on carpet, tile, hardwood, concrete and vinyl flooring.

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Amazon Prime and Business

We have partnered with Amazon for an exceptional shopping experience. If you are a Prime  or Amazon Business member, you can enjoy additional benefits like free 2-Day shipping with Prime.

Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee

It's simple: If your SecuraDoor ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replace free of charge.

Patented Design

SecuraDoor's unique design is so innovative, it is patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The SecuraDoor name is also trademarked by the USPTO.

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